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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Like so many other fields in medicine, physical therapy is a discipline with many subspecialties. Physical therapists work with people of varying age, condition, and in all types of healthcare settings—hospitals, schools, private clinics, holistic medical centers, and more! As you may have gathered from this popularity, physical therapy has become an integral component in integrative healthcare, orthopedic care, and in restoring function and improving quality of life after an injury.  

If you have never used physical therapy as a way of overcoming an injury and managing pain, you may be wondering what makes physical therapy so popular and trusted. In this article, we at Springs Integrated Healthcare—Colorado Springs’ trusted provider of integrated health services—would like to offer some information on the powers and importance of physical therapy. In addition to always striving to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms and develop an individualized healing plan, it is also our goal to offer relevant and practical information on integrative medicine in Colorado Springs.

Mitigate Pain

Physical therapy has been a proven-effective way of reducing pains and even preventing the pain from returning. By using therapeutic exercises and techniques like soft-tissue manipulation, ultrasound stimulation, and other health modalities, therapists have been able to reliably restore muscle and joint function and reduce pain.

Avoid Invasive Surgery

Surgery should never be your first option. Not only is it an invasive procedure with extensive recovery time, but it is often accompanied by addictive medications like opioids, which can lead to a whole host of unwanted symptoms and devastating effects. For many conditions, like knee pain, rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis, and others, physical therapy has proven to be as effective as surgery.

Recover and Improve

Physical therapy has shown great promise for helping people of all ages who are having difficulty standing, walking, and moving. Aided by assistive devices and other orthotic prescriptions, physical therapists have been able to develop individualized care plans that help patients recover and improve their mobility. Here at Colorado Springs’ holistic wellness center, this is a key part of our care—offering personalized treatment plans and services like at-home physical therapy exercises.

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Manage Age-Related Issues

As the body ages, conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, and joint pain become more prevalent. Physical therapists are experts at managing these issues, reducing the severity of their symptoms, and sometimes helping patients recover entirely.

Improve Vascular Conditions and Heart Issues

From helping to improve pulmonary problems following a heart attack to helping manage diabetes and vascular issues, an individualized physical therapy plan can be beneficial. Specifically, physical rehabilitation and exercise can help improve circulation, strength, condition, and ability to breathe.

Help Recover from Stroke

Following a stroke, it is not uncommon for patients to lose function, mobility, and movement. Physical therapy has proved to be an effective way of targeting and strengthening these weakened areas. Specifically, if patients are having difficulty moving around in bed and being independent at home, handling daily tasks, like bathing, dressing, eating, etc., a solid physical rehabilitation treatment plan can improve on these abilities.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of the benefits of physical therapy. As you can see, physical therapy is a powerful and versatile form of holistic healthcare. From improving motor skills to reducing the pain of knee arthritis to improving neurological issues, it is a treatment method with low costs and potentially high rewards. Doctors will often refer patients to physical therapy primarily because it is 1) effective and 2) non-invasive and conservative.

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