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At Springs Integrated Health, our goal is to optimize your health using the highest quality stem cells available. Our comprehensive evaluation includes a physical exam and x-rays to ensure that you are a prime candidate.  

Stem cell therapy


Stem cell properties were first defined in the 1960s using hematopoietic stem cells. Scientists used this knowledge to complete the first bone marrow transplant and treat various blood disorders. Embryonic stem cells were first isolated in 1981 and led to the development of current stem cell theory and application. A stem cell is defined by two properties: it can “self-renew,” multiplying into more cells of the same type. Additionally, it can differentiate into specialized cells with specific functions.


Because of the stem cell’s ability to turn into any cell, the application possibilities are broad. One area that has received extensive attention due to the great results are arthritic joint injections. Arthritis is a painful inflammation at a joint, often accompanied by stiffness and decreased range of motion. On xray, loss of cartilage is often noted. Research has shown great success using stem cells to regenerate this cartilage . While knees are some of the most commonly treated joints, hips, ankles, elbows, and shoulders are also candidates for stem cell injection therapy.


With the extreme pressure and demands of sports, professional athletes have been some of the early adopters of stem cell therapy. In 2011, Peyton Manning received stem cells in his neck following multiple failed surgeries. Around the same time, Kobe Bryant reportedly extended his basketball career following injections of stem cells in his knees, and encouraged his pal Aaron Rodriguez to proceed with the treatment in his knees as well. Even Tiger Woods has taken advantage of this ground breaking technology.


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