I am so grateful for Dr. Graham and her team. After seeing multiple doctors over several years, finally, a place where you can learn what is causing your symptoms and how to solve them and not just mask them.


Dr. Tiffany Graham, DC

Even though she is not a native of Colorado Springs, Dr. Graham has always felt like this is home. Growing up across the country, summers were spent visiting family in Colorado Springs and adventuring in the nearby mountains. That is why, when the opportunity to move here and open up a practice in 2013 presented itself, she jumped on it immediately.

Dr. Graham’s journey and commitment to health started as a young athlete. Her commitment to pursuing excellence eventually led her to accept a scholarship and play collegiate volleyball at Minnesota State, Mankato. In 2005/6 she was awarded with All-Region honors and even Minnesota State’s “Top Female Athlete of the Year”. Following college, she accepted an offer to play volleyball professionally in Spain for 2006-07. Her passion for athletics eventually turned into a passion for health and a calling to help people live to their God-given potential.

Chiropractic became the obvious choice to live out that calling, as she had been adjusted regularly since 5 years old, experiencing the benefits of having a healthy spine and nervous system, recovering quickly from injuries and sickness. She hopes to lead families, especially women, to lead and enjoy healthier lives through chiropractic and addressing the three T’s (trauma, toxins, and thoughts).


Shannon Vinson - Nurse Practitioner

Shannon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and has a love for adventure and travel. She moved to Colorado Springs in 2018 to follow her dreams of living near the mountains. On her spare time she enjoys gardening, hiking, kayaking and camping.

Shannon graduated in 2006 from Louisiana State University with a Bachelors in nursing. She holds a masters degree and became a board certified Nurse Practitioner in 2014. Her medical background is in oncology, hospice and palliative medicine. She began studying functional medicine after a life-long passion in integrative healing and searching for answers regarding her own health. She has seen the amazing results of functional medicine not only in herself but in the lives of her patients and finds it a privilege to partner with people to become both healthier and happier by making step-by-step, enjoyable, and long-lasting changes.

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Dr. Gloria "Glo" Veneziale , DC

Dr. Glo was born in Michigan but has lived all over the country. Being from Michigan, she loves the water and outdoor activities. The mountains and west have brought Dr. Glo to Colorado Springs to continue working as a chiropractor.

She got her bachelors in kinesiology with and exercise sports science specialization which made her realize the power of healthy healing. Next she pursued her Doctorate of Chiropractic and graduated from University of Western States in December of 2020 with honors. She has an affinity for family care and sports education. Witnessing the power of chiropractic herself, she was inspired early on to take on the journey of healing people holistically.