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Designed to alleviate the pain and extensive discomfort associated with trigger points, trigger point therapy is a set of treatments that focus on the inflamed, tender spots within muscles that cause many people pain and discomfort.

Exhibiting as shooting pain, tingling, numbness, and muscle weakness, trigger points (often referred to as muscle knots or trigger sites) need focused manipulation and possible injections that are intended to loosen and release the knot while relaxing the muscle and surrounding tissues.

Our specialists use trigger point therapy as just one aspect of an integrative healthcare approach to help our patients find long-term relief from pain. Focusing on pinpointing the underlying causes of pain and illness, we always hold steadfast to our mission of delivering affordable holistic healingt o the residents of Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas. It is our pleasure and our goal to provide an alternative to ineffective medical treatments that rely on dangerous drugs and risky surgeries to mask symptoms rather than treat the cause.

Find out more about trigger point therapy and how it fits into your individualized treatment plan by contacting us today.

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